How much will the repair cost?

This repair will cost about $100.00.

Can I get a written statement from you?

Can you tell me the price of this item?  Yes, the price is $15.99.

How much does the bus fare cost?

What is the stop would like to go to?  It depends on the bus stop you will get off determines the price.

How do I buy a train ticket if I do not have a credit card?  This is very difficult in America. Many trains and bus services have apps that you can down load to your phone so you can pay for the service.

Where can I buy a token for the subway?  You will need to look for a kiosk or have an app to by the tokens.

Currency US dollars

100 (penny) pennies equal one dollar

20 nickel (nickels) equal one dollar

10 dime (dimes) equal one dollar

4 quarter (quarters) equal one dollar

US bills One dollar, two-dollar, five-dollar, ten-dollar, twenty dollar, fifty-dollar, and one-hundred-dollar bill


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