Words Outdoor

Words relate to the outdoors

There is a public park with a walled garden and inside is zoo.

Today I saw a bouquet of flowers and one flower was very pretty.

In the public park there is grass, trees with benches to sit on and a running path.

Look at the beautiful tree in the forest.

Today I went for a walk, then running, and slowed down to just jog with a friend.

I like to walk fast but careful because there can be dangerous obstacles.

Sometimes it is difficult to walk slow.

Be safe when you for a walk.

When you are driving on the roads, streets, highways and freeways we hope you safe.

There can be danger when you cross the street.

I took my friend to see the bridge and there was a lot of traffic.

We must have stopped at several traffic lights while driving.

I looked before stepping on to the pavement while crossing the street.

The car inched forward because we were stuck in traffic.

He gave us crazy directions, go straight then at the tree make a right turn, then left and stop.

When you travel look for great destinations.

In the mountains we went camping.

We found a stream and followed it to the pond.

The snow melted into to the giant lake below.

I saw the rain falling onto the mountain.

The dirt in the meadow was rich in minerals.

On the island was a beautiful valley.

Please take care of yourself while traveling.

When you go to the forest please do not bring any wood.

Let’s watch the meteor shower tonight.

Did you see the shooting star?

There can be a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse.

There will be a magnificent/grand/imposing sun rise/sunrise/sunset tomorrow.

There will be a superb/excellent/splendid full moon tomorrow. After going to the woods my clothes were soiled so I washed them.

They have a wonderful sense of humor and we laugh and make jokes together.

We teased each other because we are both ticklish.

The choice was mind to choose which game to play.

Normally we like to dance at the nightclub.

The kids were playing a silly game.


Words, relate, outdoors, public, park, walled, garden, inside, zoo, bouquet, flowers, flower, pretty, grass, trees, benches, running, path, beautiful, tree, forest, walked slow, down, jog, friend, careful, because, dangerous, obstacles, sometimes, difficult, walk, safe, driving, roads, streets, highways, freeways, danger, cross, friend, bridge, traffic, stopped, several, traffic, lights, before, stepping, pavement, while, crossing, street, inched, forward, because, stuck, crazy directions, straight, turn, right, left stop, travel, great, destinations, mountains, camping, found, stream, followed, pond, snow, melted, giant, lake, below, rain, falling, dirt, meadow, rich, minerals, island, beautiful, valley, please, care, yourself, while, traveling, forest, bring, wood, watch, meteor, shower, tonight, shooting, star, lunar, eclipse, solar, magnificent, grand, imposing, sun, rise, sunrise, sunset, tomorrow, superb, excellent, splendid, full, moon, clothes, soiled, washed, wonderful, sense, humor, laugh, jokes, together, teased, because both, ticklish, choice, choose, game, play, normally, like, dance, nightclub, plying, silly


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