TOFEL / IBEC Word List

Note: These are not all the words but will give you a great start.

  abacus autograph concept esophagus incidentally nuclei relevant substances
  absent autumn concession essential income nucleus reliable substantial
  access available conditions estimate increase obligation rely substitute
  access avenue conflict ethnicity incredible oblong remain substitute
  accompany aware conjunction evaluating indeed obnoxious remarkable succeed
  according awkward connection evening indefinite obsessed renaissance suffering
  accurate axiom conquest eventually indicate obsolete renewable suffrage
  achieve bacteria conscience exactly indication obstruct repeated suggested
  acquire baritone consequence excellent industry obtain replacing suitable
  active bass consequently exchange ineffective obvious representation surprise
  adaptation beetle considerable excitable inefficient occupation require sustained
  addict beginning consist exciting ineligible occur requirement sweater
  adhere beige consonant exclamation inequality octave residential symbol
  adhesive benefit (from) constant exclude inferred octopi resource symbolize
  adjacent benefiting construct exhausting influential octopus respiratory tangerine
  adjective benign container exiting information option respond tangible
  adjourn bicycle contestant exodus infraction orchard restaurant task
  adjustment biography continue expect inherit ostrich retain taxes
  admission biology contribute expelling inquiry otherwise reverent technique
  admitted blizzard controlled expensive insect oxygen revolution technique
  adverb bottom convention experience insecure palatial rhythm tenant
  advertisement brace convert (into) explaining instant panel ridiculous tenor
  advocate branches convict explanation instruction participate rivalry tentative
  aerobics breakable coordinate exploration insult participation role tenth
  aerodynamic breakfast correspond exponent insurance participle route terminology
  aeronautics breathe corresponding external interesting particular rubbing terrier
  aerosol brilliant cougar extract internal passive running terrified
  aerospace bruise coward extravagant internet pathology sacrificial theology
  afraid burglar create factor interpretation pelican salmon thermosphere
  afterwards business criminology famous interstate perennial sandwich thorough
  agility cacti criticize fantastic intestine performance saturated thousandth
  agreement cactus crucial fashion introduction period saucer threatening
  ahead cadence cyclone feline investigating perishable sausage throughout
  allow calories daisy finance invisible permissible scissors thunder
  allowable canine debatable financial irritate permitted scowl thus
  alternate canter deception flavor item persecution secret tolerable
  alto capacity declaration flexible jewelry petroleum secretary tolerating
  alumni capital dedication forbidding journeyman pharmacy sector topical
  alumnus captain defendant forecast killed picnic secure torrential
  ambidextrous carbohydrates define forgetting knitting pilgrim select tortoise
  ambient cartographer delegate formation laughter plaster sense trace
  ambiguity cartoon delight fortress launch playwright separate track
  ambition casual delivery fracture lavender plentiful serious transfer
  ambivalent category demonstrate freeze legislation plugged servant transform
  ambulance cathedral dermatology freight leopard plunge settlement trend
  analyses caught description frequent level politician shelf trilogy
  ancestor centennial design frustrating library porcupine shelves trinity
  ancient certificate desirable function limiting possible significant triple
  animation chapter details function lizard powerful silent trophy
  anniversary chief developing fungi locate practice similar troposphere
  annual choreography digestive fungus location precise single trouble
  antelope chromosome dimensional furthermore logic predictable situation trout
  anthropology chronology dioxide galaxy logical preferable skunk tumble
  antibiotic circumstantial disadvantage gallop loyal prejudice slamming turquoise
  antibody cliff disappoint gaseous magenta preposition smile turtle
  antidote climb disapprove gauge major prescription sociology typhoon
  antifreeze clinic discard gene majority printed soldiers underline
  antiseptic cloudiness disengage generation mall process solemn unicycle
  antisocial cluster dislike genuine mandatory production solidify uniform
  apostrophe coast disposal geometry mansion prohibited solstice universe
  apparently collapse dissatisfied giant matter projection solution unusual
  appearing collate dissolve gopher maximise prompt someone upsetting
  applicant colleague distinct graduate measuring pronouncing soprano valley
  application collide distinct graphic media property source vanish
  appreciate collision distinguishable graphite melody proportion southern various
  apprentice colonel divisible greatest melon prospect spaghetti vary
  approach colony doctor grinned merciless protein specific velvet
  approximate column domination grumble mesosphere provide spectacle veritable
  archaeology comet dozen gullible meteorology psychological speculating vertical
  archery comic duplex headache methodology psychology spherical victory
  arrive comma duplicate heritage migration publicity sprint virus
  article comment eagle hesitate millennium purchase standard visible
  articulate commercial editing hippopotamus millionth pursue statement visual
  ashamed commission effect horizon minimise quadrangle station vocabulary
  aspect committee elasticity horrible misconception quadrant status volume
  assist committing element hospital modern quadruple stomach volunteer
  assistant communication elf human molecule quarrel stopping voyage
  associate compact elves hundredth monitor quartet straight walrus
  astrology companion emphasise hurricane motion questionable strange wane
  astronaut company encounter hurry museum racial stratosphere webbed
  astronomical comparison engage hydrogen mustard radio stretched western
  astrophysics compensate enjoy hyena mythology realize stringent whisper
  atmosphere compensate entered identical nautical recent structure winning
  attribute competition entering identify navigation recession student wolf
  audible complaint entire ignorant necessary reduction studio wolves
  audio completely entrance ignore needle referred subdivision wonder
  audit compliant environment impartial noisily refraction subheading wouldn’t
  audition component equine impatient noodle refrigerator submarine wound
  auditor composite equinox imply northern register submerge wrote
  auditorium compound equipping improvement notable regrettable submission yeast
  auditory comprehensible erode improving notation regretting subordinate zoology
  authenticity concentrate error inaccurate notify rehearse subscribe  
  autobiography concentration escape inadequate novel reindeer subscription

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