An interjection shows emotion or feeling. These words or phrases can stand alone or be placed before or after a sentence. Interjections are often followed by an exclamation point or today an emoji.

  absolutely alack anytime
  achoo all hail arggggg
  ack alleluia as if
  adios aloha attaboy
  agreed alright attagril
  ah alrighty aw
  aha alright-old-man awful
  ahem amen ay
  ahoy anyhoo  
  alack anyhow  
  bah behold boo
  bah bingo boo-hoo
  bah humbug blah bravo
  bam blah blah bye
  cheers creeping-crud crud
  cheesh cripes  
  d’oh darn it doh
  dang dear drat
  darn disdain duh
  eegads encore ew
  eek er  
  eh eureka  
  gadzooks geeper creepers goodness gracious
  gee golly gosh
  gee whiz goodbye great
  geepers goodness gulp
  ha-ha hey hot-stuff
  hail hi hotdog
  hallelujah hist huh
  hardy-har-har ho-ho hurray
  hay-you ho-hum hush
  hehe holy cow  
  heigh-de-ho holy smokes  
  hello hot  
  ick indeed  
  jeepers creepers  
  lah-de-dah lo and behold long-time
  my word    
  nah nana na nana na neener-neener
  oh ooh ow
  oh well ooh-la-la oy
  okey-doke oops  
  olé ouch  
  phew poof presto
  phooey pooh psst
  please pow  
  rah rats right-on
  scat shucks so what
  see you sis boom bah sucks
  shhh… skrek  
  shoo so long  
  ta-da there touché
  thanks they are hot tsk-tsk
  ugh uh-uh umm
  uh um ut-oh
  va-va-voom viva voila
  waa whew whoops
  waa-waa whiz whoosh
  wahoo whoa woo-hoo
  wee whoop-de-doo wow
  well whoopee  
  yalza yep yo
  yay yes yuck
  yeah yikes yum
  yee-haw yippee  
  zonk zowie z-zzz

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