Adjective serves as a modifier of a noun or as a helper to the noun. An adjective amplifies the noun. The word white in “the white house” white is the adjective. In most sentences adjective usually comes right before a noun but not always. The huge house. A red car.

He is an adventurous mountain climber. The music came blaring from the stage. They are very clever in business. His resume was embellished with information.           He was foolhardy in business. It was great to meet you.

  abandoned admirable alarmed anguished astonishing
  able admired alarming animated athletic
  absolute adolescent alert annual attached
  adorable adorable alienated another attentive
  adventurous adored alive antique attractive
  academic advanced all anxious austere
  acceptable afraid altruistic any authentic
  acclaimed affectionate amazing apprehensive authorized
  accomplished aged ambitious appropriate automatic
  accurate aggravating ample apt avaricious
  aching aggressive amused arctic average
  acidic agile amusing arid aware
  acrobatic agitated anchored aromatic awesome
  active agonizing ancient artistic awful
  actual agreeable angelic ashamed awkward
  adept ajar angry assured  
  bad bewitched blissful bowed bumpy
  back big blond brave buoyant
  baggy big-hearted blue breakable burdensome
  bare biodegradable blushing brief burly
  barren bite-sized bogus bright bustling
  basic bitter boiling brisk busy
  beautiful black bold broken buttery
  belated black-and-white boring bronze buzzing
  beloved bland bossy brown  
  beneficial blaring both bruised  
  better bleak bouncy bubbly  
  best blind bountiful bulky  
  calculating chilly colorless conventional critical
  calm chubby colossal cooked crooked
  candid circular comfortable cool crowded
  canine classic common cooperative cruel
  capital clean compassionate coordinated crushing
  carefree clear competent corny cuddly
  careful clear-cut complete corrupt cultivated
  careless clever complex costly cultured
  caring close complicated courageous cumbersome
  cautious closed composed courteous curly
  cavernous cloudy concerned crafty curvy
  celebrated clueless concrete crazy cute
  charming clumsy confused creamy cylindrical
  cheap cluttered conscious creative  
  cheerful coarse considerate creepy  
  cheery cold constant criminal  
  chief colorful content crisp  
  damaged deep dependent disfigured doting
  damp defenseless descriptive disgusting double
  dangerous defensive deserted disloyal downright
  dapper defiant detailed dismal drab
  daring deficient determined distant drafty
  darling definite devoted downright dramatic
  dark definitive different dreary dreary
  dazzling delayed difficult dirty droopy
  dead delectable digital disguised dry
  deadly delicious diligent dishonest dual
  deafening delightful dim dismal dull
  dear delirious dimpled distant dutiful
  dearest demanding dimwitted distinct  
  decent dense direct distorted  
  decimal dental disastrous dizzy  
  decisive dependable discrete dopey  
  each elderly energetic even exotic
  eager electric enlightened evergreen expensive
  earnest elegant enormous everlasting experienced
  early elementary enraged every expert
  easy elliptical entire evil extraneous
  easy-going embarrassed envious exalted extroverted
  ecstatic embellished equal excellent extra-large
  edible eminent equatorial exemplary extra-small
  educated emotional essential exhausted  
  elaborate empty esteemed excitable  
  elastic enchanted ethical excited  
  elated enchanting euphoric exciting  
  fabulous fatherly fixed forceful frilly
  failing favorable flaky forked frizzy
  faint favorite flamboyant formal frivolous
  fair fearful flashy forsaken front
  faithful fearless flat forthright frosty
  fake feisty flawed fortunate frozen
  flase feline flawless fragrant frugal
  familiar female flickering frail fruitful
  famous feminine flimsy frank full
  fancy few flippant frayed fumbling
  fantastic fickle flowery free functional
  far filthy fluffy French funny
  faraway fine fluid fresh fussy
  far-flung finished flustered frequent fuzzy
  far-off firm focused friendly  
  fast first fond frightened  
  fat firsthand foolhardy frightening  
  fatal fitting foolish frigid  
  gargantuan glamorous golden gray grouchy
  gaseous glaring good great grounded
  general glass good-natured greedy growing
  generous gleaming gorgeous green growling
  gentle gleeful graceful gregarious grown
  genuine glistening gracious grim grubby
  giant glittering grand grimy gruesome
  giddy gloomy grandiose gripping grumpy
  gigantic glorious granular grizzled guilty
  gifted glossy grateful gross gullible
  giving glum grave grotesque gummy
  hairy harmonious helpful honorable hungry
  half harsh helpless honored hurtful
  handmade hasty hidden hopeful husky
  handsome hateful hideous horrible  
  handy haunting high hospitable  
  happy healthy high-level hot  
  happy-go-lucky heartfelt hilarious huge  
  hard hearty hoarse humble  
  hard-to-find heavenly hollow humiliating  
  harmful heavy homely humming  
  harmless hefty honest humongous  
  icky illustrious important inexperienced insubstantial
  icy imaginary impossible indolent intelligent
  ideal imaginative impractical infamous intent
  idealistic immaculate impressionable infantile intentional
  identical immaterial impressive infatuated interesting
  idle immediate improbable inferior internal
  idiotic immense impure infinite international
  idolized impassioned inborn informal intrepid
  ignorant impeccable incomparable innocent ironclad
  ill impartial incompatible insecure irresponsible
  illegal imperfect incomplete insidious irritating
  ill-fated imperturbable inconsequential insignificant itchy
  ill-informed impish incredible insistent  
  illiterate impolite indelible instructive  
  jaded jealous jovial judicious jumpy
  jagged jittery joyful juicy juvenile
  jam-packed joint joyous jumbo  
  jaunty jolly jubilant junior  

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