Do a task

Going on an errand, to do a chore, a planned event

Today we are going to the market (store) to buy groceries or food.

My wife (husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, son or daughter) has a doctor’s appointment.

We ought to go to the dentist/doctor.

I need to take my car to the repair shop.

We are going to the mall to buy clothes.

A really good movie is being shown at the theater this week.

Tomorrow we will go to the natural history museum.

Next week we will go to the ocean for a vacation.

To night we plan to go dancing at the club.

Our father is taking us fishing.

Mother is taking us to school.

Three days a week we exercise with our friends.

At two o’clock today we get out of school for summer vacation.

In the near future we will go to a national park.

It is time we visited the are museum.

The gym offers great equipment to exercise every day.

Can we see each other tomorrow?

Shall we see each other tomorrow?

Shall we see each other Saturday?

We will see you at 7AM.

Our plans are already set for tomorrow.

I am sorry, but I already have plans tomorrow.

Today we will go to school.

Hi, we are at the movies.

What are you doing today, tomorrow, next week?

They plan to go to the mountains and go skiing.

He is a tourist.

We went to the ocean to go swimming.

At the sea shore we found sea shells.

They have a terrific swimming pool.

I have many questions regarding / concerning the event.

We can sit on the bus together.

Often, I stand while riding the subway.

We stand at the bus stop and wait for the bus.

At the train station there is an agent in the ticket booth and a kiosk.

We rode the motorcycle in to the country side.

As a businessman I need to take care of a business errand.

Can you bring/lead/guide us to the river today?


Going, an, errand, chore, planned, event, today, market, store, buy, groceries, food, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, son, daughter, doctor’s, appointment, need, take, car, repair, shop, mall, clothes, really, good, movie, being, shown, theater, week, tomorrow, natural, history, museum, next, week, ocean, for, vacation, night, plan, dancing, club, father, fishing, mother, school, three, exercise, friends, o’clock, today, two, get, out, national, park, future, time, visited, museum, gym, offers, great, equipment, every, day, shall, tomorrow, Saturday, plans, already, set, today, movies, next, week, mountains, skiing, tourist, ocean, swimming, sea, shore, shells, pool, regarding, concerning, event, bus, together, often, stand, while, riding, subway, bus stop, wait, train, station, agent, ticket, booth, kiosk, rode, motorcycle, country, side, businessman, care, business, errand, bring, lead, guide, river, today


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