Hello & Good Bye

Greeting by saying hello or hi and good bye

Hello, (name) how are you? Hello, John how are you. Expect a response or reply.

I am good, thank you for asking. Or I am fine, thank you for asking.

We can also say hi Bob, how are you? Wait for the reply.

How are you? Wait for a response. This is polite question when meeting someone.

I am fine. Thank you for asking.

What is your name? Wait for a response or answer. Say your name. My name is Bob.

Do you have a nickname? Wait for a response or answer. Yes, my nickname is Bobby. Or no I do not

Let’s talk about different ways to say good bye in America. Besides good bye.

It was great seeing you let’s do this again soon.

Good luck in college we will see you when you return.

See you when you return.

Tomorrow, let’s not say good bye because I get tears in my eyes.

You have been great let’s stay in touch.

See ya! Slang

Later! Slang

Peace out! Slang


Greeting, saying, hello, hi, good, bye, name, how, are, you, my, what, your, do, have, a, nickname, I, am, good, thank, for, asking, saying, expect, response, reply, fine, polite, question, meeting, someone, say, response, answer, or, John, Bob, hi, polite, let’s, talk, about, different, ways, say, good bye, great, seeing, again, soon, luck, college, return, tomorrow, tears, my, eyes, touch,

Slang – see ya, Later!, Peace out


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